“A Teaching In Humility”!

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The  beginning of being humbled for the Christian,
is Salvation.
Becoming humble is a life-long process not easily taught.
Not easily accepted by most,for it is crushing to the self.
Yet,there is no more valuable a lesson in self-denial
than the learning of it.

Many Christians know the why of it,for it is in the Word.
The worlds attitude on many of its teachings is
I know the how, now show me the why?
This seemed the prinicipal of many earthly teachers I have ever met.

Humility or becoming humble,is something we want to emulate,for
we see in the word  one of Jesus’s qualitys of being.
Yet,many of us find it difficult to know the “how” of it?
It occurs in four instances I have experienced in my walk
over the years with my God.

Salvation is one,foot washing,communion,and being the Prodigal Son.
In all these actions involving the self and total denial of it,
is the result,tiny portions of Gods teachings on humility.
This is one of the hidden qualities of Christ,like the others
which are spoken of but;not easily achieved in living our spiritual life.
Other examples,holiness,wisdom,Gods Agape love,patience,true mercy,
to name a few.

Now much has been spoken of not going on feelings.
This has only to do with either by faith,or by feelings.
As Christians we to walk in faith,discern in faith,and act in faith.
This human quality,as well as spiritual ,has been misinterpreted by many
who have mistaught,and construed to mean all feelings are of little value.
Yet, the Father feels, the Holy Spirit feels, and Jesus certainly has feelings as
the word attests to.
If I am made in the likeness and image of God,and I feel,
I find I cannot love without feelings now,so my God made me with them
for a purpose. Many of Gods gifts serve only purposes in this dimension,and may
pass away when we leave this world.If there is purpose in these gifts then they may
become options for the elect in heaven?

As Jesus instructs us to wash anothers feet,He commands His other
disciples to wash each others feet. Why?
If you understand the workings of selfishness within yourself,
then you know that Obedience to God, destroys ones pride,
the result is small lessons in humility,but; important nonetheless.

When God feels it necessary for a lesson in humility to cleanse
a prideful attitude within you, He drops a little lesson on humility
into your life.
These lessons are rare,but just your participation in them,brings
His wisdom in great abundance?

In becoming the servant,and washing anothers feet,even ritually,
I think of my Jesus,and how He must have felt,the depth of His
humility He knew,and I have never been so grateful for another
brothers beautiful feet which I was blessed to wash than at that
It is so moving an experience,that I didn’t want to stop washing
everyones feet and praying that night,so enraptured did I become.

We had communion right aftwards,another spontaneous act of
compound humility.
We didn’t have the necessary bread or crackers,or wine or grape juice
for the ceremony at that moment, for it was out of the blue we were led
by the Holy Spirit to perform it.
So we grabbed what was necessary, and God blessed greatly what
we came up with.
I doubt that very few communions were held with potato chips,and
pepsi cola,but God blessed it all the same,as the God who always
honours His beloved Son.

Lastly,I have had three episodes of being the prodigal son in my lifetime.
When I had acted in haste and foolishness,and I knew,and God knew
instantly I had sinned so badly towards other brothers and sisters,
that He dropped His hammer on my heart.
Each time it was necessary for me to beg for forgiveness to the whole
body of believers for my offense of pride.
Each time I learned of the feeling of total abandonment by my God from me.
Such a terrible feeling was attached to this my greatest loss in my then
life, I shall never forget it.

It was like my God shutting a door on me,I have never felt so lost,
due to my own selfish actions.
This happened to me like I said three times in my lifetime,
even then, Romans 8:28 proved itself true to me above all else,
for God forgave me, and I forgave myself in time.
God poured out His wisdom upon me after each instance of being
a prodigal son,and in this way, God proved His love for me.

You have been told “how” now,so you  too can ask,seek ,and knock
yourself,to feed that hunger growing within you.

“After that he poureth water into a basin,and
began to wash the disciples’ feet,and to wipe them
with the towel wherewith he was girded.”
Ye call me Master and Lord: and ye say well;
for so I am.
If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed
your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s
For I have given you an example, that ye
should do as I have done to you.”

John 13:5,13,14,15…

“I will arise and go to my Father,and will
say unto him, Father,I have sinned against heaven,
and before thee,
And am no more worthy to be called thy
son: make me as one of thy hired servants.”

Luke 15:18,19

” And he took bread, and gave thanks,and
brake it, and gave unto them, saying,This is my
body which is given for you: this do in remembrance
of me.
Likewise also the cup after supper,saying,
This cup is the new testament in my blood,which
is shed for you.”

Luke 22:19,20

In His Grace and love,



“Change Into Spirit”!

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It is a spiritual  need to want to know our path of the Spirit in ones own walk with  God. Many of the Holy Spirits
Ways are universal, in His response to our spiritual needs. By universal , I mean those Spiritual Ways in which we have seen Him work in our spiritual relationships.   Gods Spirit strives to bring about change in us, in the framework of our willing hearts It is our desire to want change ,to be more like our Jesus.To become another Son of God is our own eventual pursuit in our eternal walk with our Heavenly Father. To have gone this far in our earthly walk with Him, speaks of many things spiritually; which we have grown into on this walk.

Many of us Christians will not even know of what I speak of, for   their relationship with their God is at best very simple.This is not a hinderance to anyones spiritual walk with their God. With God it is sufficient for the now time.Eventually,we will be expected to understand so much more of His Spiritual Ways. There will be more than adequate teachings in Heaven when we get there for all Eternity. Now you really didn’t think you would stop learning when we got there did you? We will need explanations of many of Gods Ways, as we sit at His feet in Heaven. However, we will have newly glorified bodies and spiritually renewed minds in which to comprehend so much more.

Up until we receive those newly glorified bodies,and spiritually renewed minds; we are on the honor system with our God. His expectations ,(and God does have them) in His Sons of God to be is no less now; than it will be in Heaven: as wannabe Sons of God.
Our rallying cry has always been “Teach me oh! God”,it will not  change wherever we may be in any given medium.It has always been this way, we should always have expectations with our God,as He does with us !

The Hunger we have for more and more of our First Love, will always be unspoken between us; for it will always be Eternal.
We come to this point in our Walks with Him, each of us with hearts warmed by our desire to see Him Face to Face. Until we do this, we can only say that we know of Him; not truly know Him.
Such a medium to receiving Gods Spiritual Teachings face to face is something I have thought on daily. To know and understand perfect truth, as it emanates from our God in person; will be such a blessing beyond compare. Being limited by these imperfect bodies and minds, has always been a hindrance; to the Truths of God.
Of course, this is the way He created our ability to comprehend; this Spiritual Path we have always been on with Him.

Created to be able to understand Spiritual Ways of God ,we enter into the Spiritual Realm at Salvation; ,from there it becomes a hunger within us.We always strive to be what He desires for us to become. Spirit Sons of His.We wrestle with many catalysts  in this evolving spiritual life,yet even those catalysts have His touch of Agape love within them,drawing us constantly closer to Him as “ time” comes to its end.

In His love,

“To Think,Who Am I”!

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His soon coming, sets this stage.
For the Evidence of the believer,
a culmination of things hoped for.Himself the Christ.
The non-believers  settle into hellfire, without knowing
the wrath of our God they will soon face.
Tenderness ,compassion,& love; so sparse in living this
human  lifetime.
From them will come the groans of the multitudes ,as they
slip into their reward; due to unbelief.

I can count on the fingers of one hand ,the times I anguished
over the lost souls hell-bound!
Knowing  full well,that their path was chosen by them.
I then began to seek hearts for His loving-kindness to share.
I haven’t given up hope one bit,yet like the gift of Salvation
given in Grace; a personal choice has to be made in Obedience
to ones God.

Clarity is one of my Gods attributes,as was His Sons intent
for my spirit. No spur of the moment decision,only the
Firstborn Son;had the love to carry it through for His Father.
Our Father!

The Holy words of any Christian Writer,are to make you
think. To think ,and fulfill the purpose of  following your God.
Overcoming, those pitfalls of a Spiritual Walk seems
neverending & consistant in living this lifetime.All would be
futile,but for the love of Our Christ.

Once we have walked alone in this life,
we then learn of His divinity of  Agape.
Broad is that path to sin and destruction we backslide upon,
for the Narrow path we must grow into; will lead to Holy
Righteousness with Him. Did you ever realize that we have
become the embodiment of the Christ, His Firstborn Son?

So whenever that thought passes through your mind of flesh,
it is reminding you of  just who you are; a most perfect reply
to “Who Am I”!

“Oh! death where is thy sting?
O grave, where is thy victory?”
The sting of death is sin; and the strength
of sin is the law.
But thanks be to God,which giveth us the
victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
ICorinthians 15:55-57

In His love,

“Burning Hearts!”

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It was Sunday, the first day of the week.
Two of Jesus’s disciples were on the road to Emmaus.
The whole vicinity of Jerusalem was in a general confusion.
As they walked, they talked;deeply engrossed in their topic:
so much so that they didn’t notice the stranger;
come up behind them.

He concealed His identity from them as they walked,
He questioned them.
They spoke of a Jesus of Nazareth,who was
called a prophet; and did many miracles.
They became so consumed with telling the story
of all that had happened the last several days in Jerusalem,
they were stunned when Jesus called them a foolish people.

He began quoting scripture after scripture foretelling the
coming of the Messiah,the many prophesies telling of His
suffering before entering His time of glory?
They had reached the end of their journey, and Jesus would
have walked on, but; the two men begged Jesus
to sup and spend the night with them.

After sitting down to eat, Jesus asked the blessing;
broke the bread and suddenly: their eyes were opened.
They recognized Jesus,then He disappeared!

They spoke about what they had just experienced
during their walk to Emmaus that afternoon.
“Did  not our heart burn within  us while He talked
with us on the way here as He explained the scriptures?”
They quickly returned, to Jerusalem and told the
remaining disciples of what had happened.

When they had spoken of all that had happened,
Jesus appeared in the midst of them all,bearing
witness,and He opened their understanding to it all.

In this way Christianity has its uniqueness among
all the Faiths of the world today,for in no other
religion or Faith does divinity proclaim its life,
death, and resurrection to man.

It has been once said, the two men who walked that
day on the road to Emmaus began a phenomenon;
known as “The Royal Order of The Burning Hearts”.
A proper title, for those who love and belong to
Jesus; the Fathers firstborn Son.

“And with great power gave the apostles witness
of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus:
and great grace was upon them all.”

“For the Lord God is a sun and shield:
the Lord will give grace and glory: no good
thing will he withold from them that walk

“For all things are for your sakes, that
the abundant grace might through the
thanksgiving of many redound to the glory of
11Corinthians 4:15

Christ is life,

In His love;


“The Dance”!

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I fall,I trip,I stumble.
I pick my heart up,and go on again.
We move with the music,we sway; and glide.
Through the years of life,we have moved;
learning of your love: and truth.

Always teaching,you take the lead; I follow.
Out of the abundance of your heart,
you speak to me!
Soft whispers like a gentle breeze,say,

“I love you child”!

A pause,a dip; then:
“I love you too Lord “!

“Thank you Lord,
for teaching me how not to fear”.

For you are mighty to deliver,
and excellent in working!

We share our hearts,& God says
“tell me my Son,” where does it hurt”?
I speak to Him of my pain and sorrows,
and every cell in my body burst into tears;
before His tender eyes.

He floods me with joyful healing,
and our love goes on and on.

In His love,


“Seeking The Ways of God”!

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God allows us a challenge in the living of our lives.
Choices made in His realm,teach & settle the troubled spirit
that resides within the hearts of many in these times.
Step by step we learn like the small child we really are,His
Ways of righteousness in this life.Many of us still carrying this
life’s baggage with us  prior to entering into the spiritual

The first correction to our old natural ways,clash with His and
we learn to compensate in need,in grace ;in love.Selfishness is
a hard taskmaster in living this life,it always has been,for Sin is
synonymous with selfishness within us.Becoming a Christian doesn’t provide anyone  better  abilities in overcoming  the wrongs in this life. It does improve personal conviction in heart, to change what affects us  daily in our spiritual walk with God.

Each and every episode with the sin in our lives constantly
reveals the condition of our hearts towards others and their needs.This then shows us this greater need within us to change.
Becoming of the spiritual bent,only shows us our greatest need,
that of the necessity for inner change within.

With each purging of His upon us,those spiritual changes more  & more become  permanent.The Christian life is condensed into one word,called “change”!Within those changes comes the new us.
Remolded ,re-shaped; more Christlike.We evolve through change,becoming new through change,love in Agape through  change.Gods creation can bury itself so deeply within itself,one can even begin to understand some of Gods  Ways.
This is not unusual,and is done by many of those deeply and spiritually committed . Hunger for ones God is a  motivation of the
heart and Spirit,only He can feed that hunger.

It is not unusual for one of the elect to fall away from the body of
their own volition,it is done consistently. We find ourselves once again,relinquishing control of ourselves when drawing ever close to our God,losing ourselves becoming a new person ;a newer creature in Christ.It is most difficult in the changing of realms.Easy to stick  with that old sinful nature as  we have always done, but; to begin living within a new dominion of the Spirit without being a Spirit-being: now that’s  a heavy trip to deal with. Perhaps this is why many seek information on “His Ways”?

For you, insights given from the Holy Spirit to the Elect.

In His love,

“God It Hurts So”!

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8 /27/10


It was something which I can only comment about due to personal experience. I call it “The Spirit of Dumb”.
My son had a most recent episode in his life which triggered  one bodacious Trial & Tribulation .It will be deeply imprinted in his mind for a long time.
I cannot call it stupidity,for he was in the midst of emotional heartache at the time he had this experience;therefore I understand his suffering and pain.

He had just split with his wife,and found his love shattered within this broken relationship;  his personal trial.He has always been a stay at home father,for the love he has for his son is beyond words.
Hurt is putting it mildly,but again we see that it is all to often the result of marrying a non-believer who refuses to know God. So although I keep my opinions to myself,when he hurts ;( so do I). I can only stay within the parameters of advising him spiritually.To a great degree,I have had similar experiences of being unequally yoked,but what kid of ours listens to dad when all that sex and lust entices?
The fall was coming ,but a father has to button his lip and swallow , for God will have His way in teaching us what He will at times. He last weekend jumped off my patio ,down to the under-ground parking garage in my apartment and landed on both his heels.What took place has required surgery on both heels with screws implanted to restructure them so that he will again walk in about three months. I figure it will be much longer, but at present; doctors have his attention :which overrides dads opinions.

One of Gods best methods of teaching us those “unteachable” things when we choose  not to listen, is to place us physically in a hospital bed ; flat on our backs as helpless as we can be, “to just think” a bit. It is amazing that I have been able to see first hand ,all the various ranges that emotion ,thought; and spirit creates within an individual in such a state of inner wounding.I’ve watched,and now am writing about this phenomenon .
I can honestly say,that my son is totally in a listening mode; and will be: while he convalesces in hospital for the coming months. He needs this time as we all do, to examine ourselves;our relationship with our God: and living the Christian life daily.

The hardest fact about all this ,is that his love for his son is at present being evaluated ;this is beyond the deceit of the heart and loss of ones love trust in his marriage.
The largest turmoil within him is now working on his future involvement with his son, (my only grandson) and searching his heart as to his new relationship with each other now that mom is not in his life any longer.

It will take some understanding and much love for his God ,but he is strong enough spiritually to be able to pull it all together for them both.In the meantime:he has the time to work it  out for all parties involved.

In His love,